An inveterate traveler, preferably on two wheels, ...when the weather's not too hot, not too cold, not too wet... but dry is just fine.
There's always something new to see around the next curve, over the next hill, or past the next town. Towns don't interest me as much as natural scenes, although I have enjoyed visiting courthouse squares in various southern towns to photograph monuments on display there.
A senior citizen, as attested by discounts I now receive compliments of my thin, gray hair and wrinkled countenance. Have lived in Alaska (from Ketchikan to Slana) since June of 1957 (that's BS - Before Statehood), and couldn't imagine living anywhere else. Other places are nice to visit - briefly - but there's no place like home.
The future (hopefully) will see a camping trailer hooked to the back of my Honda Gold Wing for trips in which I take time to "smell the roses" (otherwise known as fla'r sniffin'). Meanwhile, I still enjoy seeing the maximum number of new scenes in the limited time I have available each trip.